Jump To Your Feet For the Winners of Our Blasphemous 'On Our Knees For America' Photo-Chopping Contest!

What an interactive Friday it's been for you worthly Wokette skum! We had a real live book-writing guy drop by, and some of you actually seemed to have read a little farther than the seven chapters we made it. You also added a whole bunch of suggested (and suggestive) two-word article titles to K-Lo's Muppet Crying Game. And when we noted that the Family Research Council's delightful pray-for-America website seemed to have a stealth agenda, you got up off your knees and fell to the task of remixing it, for Big Larffs.

Up top is our winner, a fantasia on a theme by Michelangelo and several other mutants, from the incomparable Dean Booth. This is precisely the sort of thing we'd like to think the graphics team at call2fall had in mind all along. More winnahs and runners up and also-rans after the jump! We would warn that there is NSFW content ahead, but if you haven't figured that out yet, you may actually work at the Family Research Council.

"SayItWith Wookies" gifs it the old-skool Blingee try, achieving Second Place with this... well... um... there's dolphins, OK? That works for us.

Third Prize goes to "LaCieca," whose prediction that we'd get "thousands on this theme" was blessedly inaccurate:

And Not-Dishonorable Mention goes to "hillarywhore1" for this rainbow-themed whatever-you-may-call-it:

Wonkette Operative "GF" submitted this frolicsome trio, with additional dialogue by Sam Taylor:

An unidentified operative sent this deceptively simple variation on the original design:

"Jus_Wonderin" offers this praise-filled vignette, complete with inspirational repartee:

Congratulations to all our winners, who each get an "Obamaphone" which they can pick up at their local NSA retail outlet. If you didn't win, BE FUNNIER NEXT TIME.

And finally, this last-minute addition by "JK" which has nothing to do with this contest, but which may well be the first entry for a new one, why the hell not? We doubt that this one will satisfy Tyler Coates either:

Doktor Zoom

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