A federal judge unsealed court documents last week connected to the 2015 defamation case Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed against Ghislaine Maxwell, who was recently arrested for allegedly helping procure underage girls for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Giuffre filed the suit, which was settled in her favor, almost two decades after the alleged abuse. The unsealed documents go into further detail on the laundry list of powerful men who allegedly had sex with an underage Giuffre, on Epstein and Maxwell's instruction.

At one point, the attorney questioning Giuffre ran down a list of prominent men with whom she said she was told to have sex.

"Other than Glenn Dubin, Stephen Kaufmann, Prince Andrew, Jean-Luc Brunel, Bill Richardson, another prince, the large hotel chain owner and Marvin Minsky, is there anyone else that Ghislaine Maxwell directed you to go have sex with?"

"I am definitely sure there is," Giuffre replied. "But can I remember everybody's name? No."

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson denied the charge last year, but he seems an unusual name for a supposedly delusional woman to pick out of a hat.

Giuffre has claimed Epstein also forced her to have sex with former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell and lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who gave a bizarre interview in his “defense" last week on Tucker Carlson's show.

DERSHOWITZ: Let me be very clear: I have had sex with one woman since the day I met Jeffrey Epstein.

This is very precisely worded legalese. No one cares about Dersh-Dog's scoring record with consenting adult women — God help them. That's nobody's business. What is the state's concern is whether or not he has raped minors.

Giuffre says she became involved with Maxwell and Epstein about 20 years ago when she worked at Mar-a-Lago, which is owned by Donald Trump. That alone would be presidency- or at least campaign-ending, but now it barely rises to the level of sketchy email server maintenance.

She also told lawyers in 2011 that former President Bill Clinton visited Epstein's private Little St. James Island with herself, Maxwell, and "two young girls" from New York. Yikes.

From the Daily Beast:

"You know, I remember asking Jeffrey what's Bill Clinton doing here [on the island]," Giuffre told the lawyer. According to a transcript of their conversation, Giuffre added that Epstein laughed off her question and said, "Well, he owes me a favor."

"He never told me what favors they were," Giuffre said. "I never knew. I didn't know if he was serious. It was just a joke."

She claims Clinton stayed in Epstein's residence on the island, where "orgies were a constant thing that took place." What is anyone doing spending time with this scumbag? The Clintons attending Trump's wedding was bad enough.

Clinton also denies the allegations, through his spokesperson.

According to flight logs from Gawker, Clinton took 11 flights on the “Lolita Express," a repulsive nickname for Epstein's private plane. Let's charitably assume Clinton didn't know what it was called. He insists he had nothing to do with Epstein for "well over a decade" once his “horrible crimes" came to light. That's also somewhat precise legal wording. Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 to raping underage girls and received a sweetheart plea deal from Trump's former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who was then the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida in 2008.

Epstein served just 13 months in jail after being accused of sexually abusing dozens of young women and girls. During his prison sentence, he was allowed to "leave incarceration for work" five days a week. Hedge fund management is presumably essential work, even if you're a sex offender.

While giving away the farm to a confessed pedophile, Acosta agreed to a "confidentiality" provision in which his office wouldn't tell Epstein's victims about the non-prosecution agreement until after it won a judge's approval. Last year, a federal judge ruled that the “arrangement" had violated the Crime Victims' Rights Act.

Dershowitz suggested the FBI should “investigate" Giuffre and her claims, but it sure seems like he's just trying to intimidate her. The powerful men she's named probably don't want too much further digging into this situation, but it might become impossible.


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