Just-in-Time Whoring

A graduate from the Washingtonienne School of Business:

Ok so rent is due in a few days and I am about 200 dollars short. I can probably come up with $50 of that but I am asking for your assistance with the rest. I am working with a really great company but they are paying me shit for money. I have messed around a little in college but mainly just stroking it with my boys. If someone can help me with the rest or the whole amount please shoot me an email. I will be available from about 4:15 to 7 tonight. I am 5'11 170lbs muscular build and good looking. Would rather stay discreet so please don't ask for a picture. I garuntee you will not be disapointed. Thanks
Two hundred bucks, a bargain, really -- but how much not to write about it in his blog? (Call us crazy: Posting a Craigslist ad promising sex for money doesn't exactly scream "staying discreet.")

Really needing help. Intern in need. $$ - m4m - 23 [Craigslist]


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