Just Like Honey

  • Chris Dodd, who was widely regarded as one of the most vulnerable Democrats facing re-election in 2010, has (probably) decided to retire instead. [MSNBC]
  • This decision will free up the senator to leave Connecticut and move his entire family to Nevada, where he can pursue the comparatively noble profession of male prostitution. [Los Angeles Times]
  • President Obama is very disappointed that the Underwear Bomber was even allowed to make his ultimately foiled attempt at bombing an airplane with his underwear. [Washington Post]
  • Security screeners at the Bakersfield airport detected a nausea-inducing, "strong chemical odor" emanating from bottles of amber liquid that a man attempted to bring on a flight. The amber liquid was honey. [Reuters]
  • Pantheism apologist James Cameron has a lot to answer for in his terrible new film, which is so terrible that even conservatives dislike it! [ABC News]
  • Employers are still cutting jobs every month, but in December they announced the fewest planned layoffs since December 2007. Green shoots! (?) [Central Valley Business Times]

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