Just What We Needed: First Daughter Dish

It's been so grim around here lately, we're happy to present some much-needed frivolous Bush girl gossip. Yay! Sources tell us:

    According to a fellow Yalie, Barbara Bush's fond memories of her college years will include an intense snog-session at a drunken party with Vicente Fox's son [Stepson, actually]. So it's not just hands across the Rio Grande for the respective presidential families, but other body parts as well.
 Oh, we've heard he's really hot! But wasn't he "escorting" Jenna (who, let's face it, is the hotter twin) just four months ago? Yipes! Spoiled rich girl catfight alert! Oooh, this could be fun. . . as well as the plot of really awesome pay-per-view movie.

Jenna's New Friend [Wonkette]


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