K-Lo Would Like Bristol Palin To Know It's Not That Hard To Avoid Sex All Your Life


America's favorite humorist,National Review Online blogger Kathryn Jean Lopez, would like Little Miss Hot Slut Bristol Palin to know that this whole "sex" and "hookee" (?) thing is irresponsible for us unmarried gals, because it's super hard to remember to take those birth-control pills every day. And what if the condom breaks? Did you know that condom is likely filled with a boy's spermlings? "So glamorous," writes K-Lo. Yeah, she would know! Wait, she wouldn't know at all, right?

You know what? We don't want to know. We do not want to know if "The Corner" blogger Kathryn Jean Lopez does the sexytime thing, with anyone, ever. We are not interested, because we would really, really rather focus on "policy" and "substance" or "that bird outside on the fence" or "why is the fridge making that weird noise" or anything, really, absolutely anything. We, in effect, agree completely with whatever K-Lo has written here, in her livejournal:

How about: From where I sit, it’s a bloody shame that we don’t expect more of teenagers? Just happening to hook up is not cool. It suggests a lack of respect for oneself and one’s . . . hookee. Being a single mother isn’t a glamorous endeavor, but neither is randomly hooking up and hoping you remembered to take your pill at the same time today as every other day, or to have Plan B handy in case the condom breaks or otherwise fails. So glamorous.

I know that Heart (of Barracuda fame) wants nothing to do with Sarah Palin, but . . . what about love? (The next line works too: Don’t you want someone to care about you?) What about waiting? It’s only unrealistic if we keep saying it is and don’t offer alternatives to hooking up (and that doesn’t mean just talking about abstinence, by the way). Teenagers can actually do fun, fulfilling things that don’t involve possible pregnancy. (They can have creative, full, generous lives!) But they won’t bother with actual happiness as long as we tell them it’s unrealistic to do that.


Whatever she is going on about [K-Lo's Korner]


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