KAC to Perform Act of Journalism?

Speaking of stepping on our turf: It looks like Kelly Ann Collins has fallen down a K hole of some kind:

I took a Klonopin (that a friend gave me to calm me down) around 6 p.m. last night so I could cope with all the high school attitudes that people have been giving off lately.

Then, I had two hours of really freaky sex. Well, that was the first time I'd taken K. Then, I slept for 16 hours.

The other big item on her to-do list? "Write about this Bolton fucker." ETA for whatever is left to expose about the man is five o'clock. We hope this something actually bad about the guy, i.e., mean to employees, doesn't study for his nuclear treaty confabs. We're so tired of Bush admin scandals that make earnest unilateralists sound like fun (donkey sex, cocaine, regulars at Plato's retreat...)

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