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When Kamala Harris Finally Visits The Border, Fox News Will Bitch And Moan About That Too

We have faith in Fox News like that.

Vice President Kamala Harris just finished her first trip abroad, first to Guatemala and then to Mexico, as she has been tasked with addressing the root causes of the migration crises that keep Fox News idiots shitting the bed at night.

Here's how Fox News assessed Harris's trip yesterday.

KATIE PAVLICH: This is what happens when you choose your vice president based on gender and skin color rather than actual talent and expertise. We're seeing that disaster unfold right now.

Wow. Even Geraldo was like "that's so mean!" We assume he meant "racist." Pavlich responded, "Oh it's mean?" It's actually true," just continuing with the casual white supremacy that keeps Fox News's 86-year-old white supremacist viewers tuning in.

So that happened.

As for the trip itself, it's been a decent first outing for the vice president, despite what you might have heard from watching idiot TV pundits.

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