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What was your favorite part of night two of the Democratic National Convention? Ours was when a buncha cats dressed up like the Antifas and made Joe Biden swear an oath to always do whatever Antifa says, and also to obey cats. It was pretty cool.

OK fine actually one of our favorite parts was when former acting attorney general Sally Yates busted Trump's ass for how he "fawns over" Vladimir Putin. Wanna watch it again?

Sally Yates speaks at 2020 DNC

We also, of course, loved the roll call, which should ALWAYS from now on be done on Zoom and aired during the primetime parts of the convention. It was so personal and fun, and was just a really nice message to America that said "Hey! America! Isn't every single Democrat so much cuter and more fun and smarter and way better in bed than stinky Trump deplorables? Ewwwwwwww gross hate them!"

Wanna watch it again?

2020 Democratic National Convention Roll Call Vote

Now it is night three! Which means it is KAMALA NIGHT!

Kamala Harris Eye Roll GIF by Election 2020 Giphy

That's right, tonight Senator and VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE Kamala Harris will be the headliner. Or one of 'em anyway.

The theme of the evening is "A More Perfect Union," and this is what that is all about, according to the DNC:

America is not going back to where it was before Donald Trump's mismanagement of the pandemic and subsequent economic crisis, because for too many people, that wasn't good enough. As he leads us out of crisis, Joe Biden will help build back better. He will have a historic partner in these efforts: the first female vice-president. On Wednesday, you will hear from the vice-presidential nominee and many others who are committed to working alongside Joe Biden to achieve his goals to form a more perfect union.

'Kay, sounds good.

TBH tonight is really one of the big nights you want to watch. In the first hour, we will be talked to by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and oh yeah, HEY THERE, HILLARY CLINTON.

In the second hour, it will be the aforementioned Kamala Harris, and also HEY THERE, BARACK OBAMA.

In case you get bored here is what is on HGTV just kidding YOU ARE NOT GETTING BORED BECAUSE TONIGHT IS KAMALA NIGHT.

Here is your livestream for your watch party! Drink every time somebody on the Zoom TV screen is a Democrat! (Do not do that.)

Live: Democratic National Convention Day 3 | Featuring Barack Obama, Kamala Harris | NBC News

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