Kanye West Just Got Real About Why He Doesn't Want Pete Davidson Around Ki. Tabs, Fri., March 18, 2022

Kanye West Just Got Real About Why He Doesn't Want Pete Davidson Around Ki. Tabs, Fri., March 18, 2022

Josh Hawley (R-shitmouth) is trying to paint a Q-shaped target on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, literally accusing her of allowing people to sex-traffic children. Biden White House not fucking having it. (Politico)

How Sean Hannity stoked Old Man Trump's rage against Ukraine for a thing Trump knew Ukraine didn't even do. Man, when you're dealing with pathological liars, they don't even care if things are lies to them. — 2019 Media Matters

WNBA superstar Brittney Griner will be detained in Russia through May, appears to be fine (but the beds are too short). (Buzzfeed News)

Putin's anti-gay war on Ukraine. — Boston Review. Report on legal and social attitudes toward LGBTQ people in Ukraine. Hint: The more pro-Russian the region (like Donbas), the shittier people are about it. The most pro-gay segment of society is "Zelenskyy supporters," so we guess everyone is pro-gay now! — Gay.org

As someone who's been watching Arnold Schwarzenegger a long time (pfft, you know, unlike everyone else), Arnold Schwarzenegger is an interesting guy.

Melting permafrost creating hellmouths in the Arctic sea floor, I'm sure it will be fine. (CNN)

Cartersville, Georgia, police smelled marijuana at a party so they arrested 70 people, including strip and cavity searches. Now they have to pay $900,000 in a civil rights settlement, but if any of the cops lost their jobs, I didn't see it. — Atlanta Journal Constitution

There's a town in Tennessee that's all run by Black people, but it's about to get a big ol' Ford plant nearby, and it's about to be a whole lot of opportunity. So now the state Comptroller Jason Mumpower is insisting that the whole town government step down, for their own li'l good, and let the state ??? ... PROFIT. (Tennessee Lookout)

Stacey Abrams, Earth President, makes me hearthug emoji. — Joe.My.God

Here's a reason we can all be happy about the permanent Daylight Saving Time bill passing the Senate, even for those of us who HEARTILY wish it were permanent standard time: It pissed off Tom Cotton, who's got a very bad staff. (Buzzfeed)

This is indeed ... well, it is 1/6 defendant Brandon Fellows (not Brian Fellows) and, well, huh. Reasonable: "Requests to be considered: Church, Clergy, Classrooms, Haircuts, Recreation, Visitations, and Video calls." Less Reasonable:

This hate for others based off race and arbitrary classifications is exactly what Martin
Luther King Jr. Spoke out against as a pastor in Montgomery right across the street from the
State Capitol, the Cradle of the 1950s Confederacy and Civil War Confederacy. I'm no pastor,
but I too speak against these prejudices and abuses right across the street from the new Cradle of
the Confederacy, Washington D.C. The Capitol building is literally across the street from the
courthouse you’re reading this from. I'm not MLK, but I too speak out about these abuses from a
Democratic, city-run jail in Washington D.C., just as MLK did from the Democratic city jail of
Birmingham, Alabama.

Even my black brothers in Montgomery were able to attend church, have clergy, attend
school, go to a barber and see their families, even if they were segregated. Therefore, I argued to
you that, as least in these areas, we have it worse than the black population did in 1950s


That time in 2020 a Black judicial clerk literally pushed Reagan appointee Judge Laurence Silberman into a wood chopper after Silberman said some pig-ignorant shit about Confederate monuments and bases. (The Intercept)

"Tea is a beverage enjoyed around the world. You can make it by pouring hot water onto tea leaves and allowing them to steep for several minutes so their flavor infuses into the water." LOL wow Healthline. Anyway, "weight loss tea," "mama's so fat," "help" and other tabs you might have open today, wait no, that's me.

NEW DINOSAUR YOU GUYS. (CNN) Probably to make up for the fact that brontosauruses don't exist? Wait, brontosauruses are real again? (Scientific American) MAKE UP YOUR MIND, NERDS.

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