Kanye West Will Tell You About President Obama Hurting Fee-Fees Of Very Important Person Kanye West


As if our president, the Glorious Moon Sun and All the Stars in the Heavens Barack Obama, has not had enough political turmoil roiling his administration in recent weeks, now he has to deal with the approbation of the world’s greatest entertainer, Yeezus himself, Mr. Kanye West.

Apparently Barack Obama does not care about rapper people or their mamas. Or so Kanye told a radio station in Philadelphia during an interview today, as reported by Politico.

Kanye West says he’s done trading insults with President Barack Obama.

Have Kanye and our president been trading insults? Is this some new East Coast-West Coast rap war we have not noticed before?

West and Obama have been at odds since 2009, when the president called him a “jackass” for his behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Let us stop here to remind Kanye that the president was criticizing him (in private, on some interview B-roll that leaked) for something specific, an action that Kanye himself almost immediately apologized for, and which was in fact nearly the very definition of jackassery. Like, if you Google the word “jackass,” the first hit is the video of Kanye West stepping all over Taylor Swift’s moment and putting us in the unenviable position of feeling sympathy for Taylor Swift.

Recalling the incident, West said he felt “used” by Obama, whom he’d endorsed for president a year before.

“Oh, you talking about how he use to come and visit me and my mama and tell me that he’s about to run for president?” West said. “I just think that we’re pop icons, and the president likes to use that type of thing just to be down and stuff.”

A politician seeking the endorsement of popular entertainment figures so the kids will think he’s hip and with it? The deuce you say! Hey Kanye, did you hurt yourself when you fell off that turnip truck in 2008?

"People was fine with me being everyone’s punching bag for about five years — ‘Man, this is the person we love to hate, so if you want to distract people from everything that’s going on […] just say you hate Kanye and there’s going be 30 other people who say they hate Kanye.’ That was kind of my position in culture so he also used that too — ‘Oh, he’s a jackass’ — because that’s how the world felt."

That is some world-class self-pity. That is wingnut-level whinging and self-pity. Coming on the heels of Kanye’s rant about Vogue having the temerity to put First Lady Michelle Obama on its cover instead of his fiance Kim Kardashian, we’re beginning to think Kanye might have a slightly elevated opinion of himself and his influence. You’re a rapper, dude. Your fiance is famous mostly for being an attention whore from a family full of the world’s most uninteresting attention whores. Shut up already.

You know who we feel sorry for? Besides Betsy Rothstein, who is probably scourging herself with a Brillo pad for letting Politico jump all over this important story ahead of her? We feel sorry for President Obama, who is now a lame duck with three years left in his presidency. Because as LBJ once observed, when you have lost Kanye West, you have lost America.



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