One day soon ....How do you prove you hate "job creation" in America? According to a new GOP commercial attacking Elizabeth Warren, you do this by expressing sympathy and support for the jobless Americans taking part in the Occupy protests nationwide. The ad was created by Karl Rove's anus Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies, some wingnut consulting firm that is legally a fetus in America. The commercial's ominous narration says, "Fourteen million out of work, but instead of focusing on jobs, Elizabeth Warren sides with extreme left protests." So it's apparently "extreme left" to protest joblessness, and it's not "focusing on jobs" to support the jobless who are protesting joblessness, is that right? This is going to be a tough campaign year for the Karl Roves of this world!

Warren, who is running against centerfold ex-teabagger Scott Brown for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat, seems to actually want the job and also have some understanding of the economic mafia conditions that led to our current Middle Ages-style system of rich kleptocrats who use the police to keep the furious/beaten poors in line. In other words -- Karl Rove's words, we mean -- Warren supports "radical redistribution of wealth and violence."

Redistribution of violence? So, instead of organized violence being the exclusive realm of the government and the rich people that run the government, maybe the Poors could use the violence, against the kleptocrats? Well that would be radical, at least! [Boston Herald]


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