Oh, look whose handlers discovered fish-eye lenses and sepia filters! Insipid reality teevee grandma Sarah Palin released another mind-numbing Internet home movie about signing autographs in Iowa to share, for whatever reason, who needs a reason? Rat-faced freak show Karl Rove excitedly predicts she released this video because she is finally planning to jump into the presidential race on September 3 at a major Iowa Tea Party remedial reading seminar that she will keynote, but we predict it's because Sarah Palin still wants cash, and we will always be right. How do American voters feel about this exciting news?

Hmm, today's Rasmussen poll shows that a Sarah Palin victory against Obama hovers right next to the odds of giant thunderstorms of dildos raining down on Earth.

From Rasmussen:

If Election Day was right now, President Obama would defeat the former Alaska governor 50% to 33%, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. This marks the first time that the president has risen out of the 40s in hypothetical matchups with any of the major GOP presidential hopefuls. Fifteen percent (15%) prefer some other candidate, and two percent (2%) are undecided....

Last month, Obama posted a 47% to 38% lead over Palin, the GOP’s unsuccessful vice presidential candidate in 2008.

Palin earns support from 62% of Republicans, while 88% of Democrats back the president. Voters not affiliated with either party prefer Obama by a 51% to 30% margin.

Obama holds a narrow 44% to 38% lead over Palin among male voters, but women prefer the incumbent by a sizable 56% to 29% margin.

Hi-larious. It's sweeter poison than reading the economic newz, if "disgust" is your fetish. [YouTube/Slate/Rasmussen]


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