Karl Rove Is Screwed (Probably)

So let's recap:

* Karl Rove testifies February 2004, conveniently leaving out the Matt Cooper conversation (how can you forget a conversation with THE FUNNIEST MAN IN WASHINGTON?)

* Emails surface, conveniently late, detailing the conversations.

* Rove changes his story.

* Karl Rove testifies for three-and-a-half hours on his fifth appearance before the Grand Jury (tying Betty Currie!).

* Karl Rove is friendly to Wonkette at a Fox party. Disconcertingly friendly.

He's "Official A," fer chrissakes! That's like an indictment guarantee! But if there's one thing that could stop the whole train right here, it's the excitement with which liberal blogs are greeting every rumor. Seriously, guys, you're just gonna jinx it.

Anyway, we got a week-and-a-half to wildly speculate. The countdown to wrist-slapping starts now.

Prosecutor Weighs Charges Against Rove in Leak Case [NYT]


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