Karl Rove's Gay Dad Made His Son Fall in Love With Jeff Gannon

NSFW btw - WonketteFormer manwhore turned journalist turned blogger Jeff Gannon's sketchy old employers claim that Jeff Gannon will claim that Karl Rove is a gay homosexual who has sex with other gay homosexual men, just like his adoptive father, whose penis you can see on the internet if you're into that sort of thing.

"Talon News" is still plugging away at the whole "making shit up on the nternet" thing, and their unbylined, three paragraph story on the Rove rumor is a marvel of confusing, unsourced speculation. Also, they use the term "pron." We're not sure if they're being 1337 or if that's a typo. But apparently Karl and Jeff Gannon fucked in the Buchanan room! What we don't get is why Karl would have a sleepover with a male whore at the White House, but hey, now that we've seen his dad's cock ring we'll believe anything.

And speaking of, today we learned that Karl's dad once appeared on the cover of "Piercing Fans International Quarterly," our favorite piercing journal. He had 37 piercings AND THEY WERE ALL MADE OF SOLID GOLD.

Karl Rove's Pierced Family Jewels, part 2: Jim Ward interview (audio) [boing boing]

August 13, 2007 [Talon News]


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