Karl Rove's Political Career: 1993-2007

In truth, we should've had this post already prepared, like a Robert Byrd obit, but we are not the New York Times and Karl Rove's departure has never really been a given. We kinda figured, like a lotta people, that he'd be hanging around the White House pretending to be optimistic and jocular until January of '09, when he'd hand over the reigns to President Ron Paul. But no, Karl's resigning at the end of the month, and, in a final asshole move, he announced this to Paul Gigot at the Wall Street Journal.

Karl Rove isn't a genius, unless Lee Atwater and Chuck Colson were geniuses. He's really goddamn good at winning elections for George W. Bush, and then once that's done, he just hangs around fucking things up until the next election needs to be won. Hell, he could probably net Bush a third term if he started working at it now. But as it currently stands, his Permanent Republican Majority is more or less fucked for a generation.

But why leave? Why now?

"I just think it's time," he says, adding that he first floated the idea of leaving to Mr. Bush a year ago. His friends confirm he had been talking about it with others even earlier. But Democrats took Congress, and he didn't want to depart on that sour note. He then thought he'd leave after the State of the Union, but the Iraq and immigration fights beckoned. Finally, Chief of Staff Josh Bolten told senior White House aides that if they stayed past a certain point, they were obliged to remain to Jan. 20, 2009.

Yosh did what Fitzgerald and the Democratic congress and Cindy Sheehan and MoveOn.org couldn't -- he made Rove finally go away.

And with that ultimatum -- leave by labor day or stay till the bitter end -- we can all hope and pray for more sudden resignations, but there isn't really anyone left but Condi and Fredo, and we're sure they'll just continue muddling along until Ron Paul liquidates their respective departments.

Anyway, so much for Karl. Now that he's gone everything will be wonderful and orphans will get free government health care and we'll withdraw from Iraq and everyone you don't like will get impeached, or something.

The Mark of Karl [WSJ]


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