Katherine Harris Can Run But She Can't Hide

give this guy a teddy bearA Sarasota TV station is reporting that someone has been arrested for trying to run down Congressional flirt Katherine Harris with a silver Cadillac. Insert Cruella de Ville joke here. But, seriously, isn't it supposed to be a silver bullet? All that virgin blood makes her really hard to kill with the usual methods. Just kidding. We don't want anyone dead. Just frightened. And that was the goal. Onionesquely, the paper reports the driver's intentions as "Man: 'I Intimidated Them With My Car." The problem, as a friend pointed out, is that with a car, it looks too much like an accident. Next time, can we suggest hitting her with something with more symbolic potency? Elderly Jews? Killer butterflies? Chad and semen pie?

For what it's worth, our vehicular viglante, Barry Seltzer, 46, told cops that his drive by was "political expression," which is exactly the excuse we're going to use when we start looting shit on Election Day.

Man Accused Of Trying To Run Over Katherine Harris [Local 6]

Katherine Harris's Car Trouble [TSG]


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