Katherine Harris Continues to be Tested By Fire, Disgruntled Former Staffers


When news broke about Mr. Wade, the Harris campaign was in turmoil. Ms. Harris, increasingly critical of her staff, turned more frequently to Dale Burroughs, a spiritual adviser to the campaign and founder of the Biblical Heritage Institute for the Behavioral Sciences, a Christian counseling service.

Ms. Burroughs told Ms. Harris that the campaign was not a "holy place" because women were dressed provocatively and the men swore and drank, according to Mr. Rollins. Mr. Ingram, the Harris spokesman, says Ms. Burroughs's role in the campaign has been exaggerated. Ms. Burroughs didn't return calls seeking comment. [Emphasis ours]

Come on. You fired everyone else, surely you can get rid of one more.

Slightly relatedly, a tipster reports that WESH in Orlando played a video of the Harris/Bush handshake with a counter timing it. Anyone have this? If not, we'll just run that video of Katy flirting with that random guy while C-Span filmed some boring House debate.

Seriously, though, don't ever fire Ed Rollins. Next thing you know he's going to the Wall Street Journal to make up zingers and trash your campaign.

Katherine Harris Battles Old Friends For Florida's Keys [WSJ]


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