Katherine Harris: Expensive Date

This picture has nothing to do with the story, we just felt like re-running it.

Ok, this most recent Katherine Harris update is almost too sad even for us.

The Harris statement, issued Friday, follows an Orlando Sentinel story revealing that congresswoman Harris shared a $2,800 meal in a swank Washington restaurant last year with defense contractor Mitchell Wade. He previously had handed her 16 $2,000 campaign checks. Shortly after the dinner, she requested a $10-million federal appropriation for a Wade project. Wade, not incidentally, pleaded guilty in February to bribery and election fraud related mostly to former California congressman Duke Cunningham.

"The night of our dinner," Harris wrote in her statement, "Mr. Wade purchased several expensive bottles of wine which he took home with him uncorked. This is apparently the reason the bill was so high."

Right. Of course. Anything you say, Katy. But, see, the restaurant doesn't actually allow anyone to take bottles of wine home.

Representative Harris, we are doing everything in our power to get you elected, and you're not making our jobs any easier.

Katherine Harris Uncorked [SPTimes]


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