Katherine Harris: Great Equestrian, Crappy Driver

A day without Katherine Harris on this blog is like a day without sunshine. Fortunately, a reader just brought our attention to this post, at the blog No Pasa Nada. If you scroll down, you'll encounter this priceless story:


[W]hile I was driving [home] I happened upon a very nice convertible Lexus, attempting to parallel park in a very tiny spot, in which said Lexus wouldn't have fit in the first place, but whatever. The driver hit the car in front and then the car behind multiple times over. While this was happening, I laughed and watched in awe and then lamented on the fact that there are so many brilliant people in DC and they all drive for shit (present company included). As I get closer to the offending Lexus, I spot a 'Harris for Senate' bumper sticker on the back, which caused more eye rolling (it just happens, I swear.)

And when I went past the car and turned to see who the asshat driving? It was none other than the Congresswoman from Florida, Katharine Harris. At which point I scrambled to find the camera phone and when unable to reach for my phone and keep from hitting the car in front of me, I parked - albeit illegally - and ran back down the (one way) street that I had last seen her on and she had vanished.

That's the key portion, but there's more; check out the full account here.

So it sounds like Congresswoman Harris is no great shakes behind the wheel. And unlike Patrick Kennedy, she can't fall back on that classic excuse, "I was drunk drugged off my ass."

Stick to the horses, Katy, stick to the horses. The horses are your friends.

About Town (scroll down) [No Pasa Nada]


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