Katherine Harris is Packing

Attention Wonkette readers: Katherine Harris is renewing her concealed weapon permit. And we're, uh, going into hiding, probably. Don't look for us around this weekend. As always, though, there is good news:

The visit to the gun range will double as a photo op, with media invited to broadcast images of Harris that could play well with gun rights advocates.

Uh huh. Yeah, those images'll play well with a lotta people. In fact, we're overcoming our fear as we speak.

In other Harris news, thank god one of our embedded operatives found the following quote for us, as it's basically made our morning:

"Katherine Harris is the horse we're going to ride to the finish line and it's time for us to saddle up" -- FL state Rep. David Rivera (R)

David Rivera! You're mouth is writing checks your ass can't cash, buddy. Harris'd buck you without noticing.

Harris Aims to Renew Permit [SPT]

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