Katherine Harris, Living on the Air

Let's turn, now, to Katherine Harris, former Wonkette Flame.

Having lost her Senate bid, all of Washington wants to know what's next for the gutsy former Congresswoman. The theories run from lobbying or something similarly boring to our favorite fantasy, in which the disputed election of her Congressional successor Vern Buchanan is overturned and she makes a glorious return to the House in 2008. There's also another fantasy of ours, in which Kitty's promised tell-all expose on her disastrous campaign and turncoat staffers becomes a run-away best-seller and is optioned for a book and weekly dramedy.

Today, The Hill's Betsy Rothstein reports a new theory: talk radio.

While we think a Christian talk radio gig would be something of a waste of her talents (the woman needs to be seen to be believed), we would welcome a chance to hear her crazy theocratic rantings on a regular basis again. It's been so quiet out here lately. Rothstein claims Kitty's already received an actual offer from a real-life station, but we hope it's all just a stepping-stone to something greater.

Also, yes, we already floated this rumor. We just wanted another excuse to run the picture, ok?

In the Know (second item) [The Hill]


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