Katherine Harris Loses Staffer, Moon Still Orbits Earth

Krazy Kitty Harris lost another staffer last weekend, as Rhyan Metzler, her political director, left after three months of active duty. His resignation comes after last week's nice bit of absurdist political theater at the Orlando Airport, in which Harris claimed that none of the high-profile Republicans she promised showed up to endorse her because, uh, a tree fell on the hangar. Of course, that was a lie. A lie which Harris' spokesperson quickly blamed on the political director, who quickly resigned. The commenters on the St. Petersburg Times blog, who at this point are all claiming to be former Harris staffers, asses the damage:

My question is, who is left working on her campaign? She obviously has this kool aide Marks girl, the CM, that fat scheduler named Jennifer....hmmm, anyone else?

Meanwhile, America's Craziest District (Hurrah for Sarasota!) rolls with the punches and comes up with even more A material:

The odd moment in the high-stakes race for county commission came last month when Republican Joe Barbetta stood before a room full of Republicans and asserted: "I have never beat my wife."

Florida's 13th will warrant an entire chapter in future political textbooks. And thank god for it, because George "The Man Who Won't Be President" Allen hasn't done a damn thing today.

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