Katherine Harris: Not the Best Boss, Debater

You know what that blurry screengrab means! Take it away, Katy!

Today: the St. Petersburg Times piece we warned you about has dropped. Katherine Harris is, apparently, somewhat difficult to work for.

Buying the wrong candy for her to toss at parades. Photographing her vertically instead of horizontally. Failing to bring her favorite Starbucks beverage (extra hot venti triple latte, no fat, no foam, one Sweet'N Low).

One minute, U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris would lavish campaign staffers with praise and hugs. The next she would lose her temper, screaming "stupid" or "idiot'' at a startled employee.
Spokeswoman Jennifer Marks said Harris had grown tired of the misperceptions about her and would refer the newspaper to other former staffers who would speak positively about her. After more than a week, her office failed to produce any names.

Backstabbers! All of them! That doublecrossing intern knew that latte was grande, dammit!

Learn the Katherine Harris method for successful debating, after the jump.

Busy day for Wonkette Prodigal Favorite Chris Ingram, who makes an appearance in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune piece on the Florida "candidates showdown" debate that failed to invite any of Katherine's competitors.

"It's a one-person debate," said Chris Ingram, a former Harris spokesman, who is now the spokesman for LeRoy Collins, one of Harris' three Republican challengers. "I hope she doesn't lose."

Chris, you should know better than any of us that her worst enemy is herself. We see her accidentally calling herself "No Jack Kennedy" or mentioning Dick Cheney's gay daughter.

Feel Lucky You Don't Work for Her [SPTimes]

Harris Won't Face Opponents in Forum [Herald-Tribune]


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