Katherine Harris Staffer Accuses Challenger of Insufficient Whiteness, Pride In Brownness

harriseddie.pngKatherine Harris primary challenger Will McBride (Mexican-American and Dominican-American) was asked a rather pointed question at a recent recent Republican dinner (seriously, are Florida primary campaigns nothing but "Republican dinners" and animal-related fairs and festivals?):

"She asked me why I changed my name to McBride to hide the fact that I was Hispanic," said McBride. "I've been William Richard McBride my whole life. I'm proud of my Hispanic culture."

But what may have concerned him more than the question itself was the person he believes was behind it - a Harris staff member named "Eddie."

"After the meeting, I went with a Miami Herald reporter and I asked her, 'Who put you up to that question,' and she said, 'I'm sorry Mr. McBride. It wasn't my idea. It was the campaign. It was the Harris campaign,'" said McBride.

Harris, of course, denies it. Or kinda denies it. Doesn't really deny it all that well, actually.

Thankfully for train-wreck fans, she does promise a "letter" explaining everything shortly. It will presumably say something like "Dear FidelSpeedy GonzalezMartina Mr. McBride, sorry I accused you of sneaking across the Canadian border and stealing our jobs. Eddie's sorry too. Love, Katy."

Harris campaign accused of provoking racial spat [NBC2 via TPMMuckraker]


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