Katherine Harris Watch: In Which We Weep For Lost Photo-Ops and Issue a Fatwa

harrisandhusband.jpgThis could've been a picture of Katherine Harris firing a gun if certain communications directors hadn't been such idiots.

We, the editors of Wonkette, do hereby declare a fatwa against Chris Ingram, communications director for Katherine Harris' Senate campaign.

Harris went down to a local gun range Saturday to "renew" her concealed-weapons permit (which, it turned out, she'd never had in the first place: "I thought I had, but I'm not sure if I did or not," Harris said. "You think I would have known, but I never had this kind of training before."), which would've made for the greatest photo-op of the campaign.

But, as she aimed her .38 Special (!!!), Mr. Ingram blocked the assembled journalists from taking pictures. THE BASTARD.

He must be run out of Florida on a rail and never allowed to work in politics again. Which is probably true of most of Harris' staff, but he's the worst offender. DAMMIT, this kind of photo-op only comes once in a lifetime! Unless you're following the Harris campaign, where presumably something even goofier will go down next week.

Still, though: fatwa.

(And a small bit of hope: The St. Petersburg Times reports that "another member of the campaign staff took pictures of Harris firing.")

Harris Shoots, Cameras Don't [SPTimes]


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