Katherine Harris Watch: Letter to the Editors

This might help explain the press coverage, actually: Katherine Harris (remember her? too much makeup, rides horses?) refused to meet with any and all Florida newspaper editorial boards. Which, you know, you're supposed to do when running for Senate. And now, embarrassingly, she's come crawling back.

"Well, we had some staff that felt that was a bad idea," Harris said Friday. "But I think it's a good idea, so we've called. ... I said, 'I don't know why we're not doing these; I want to do them.'"

Except that it's only a couple weeks until the primary and there's not a newspaper printed on god's green earth that will endorse her now. Meanwhile, in the St. Petersburg Times Buzz blog, the comments section is being graced with the participation of someone claiming to be a former Harris staffer. Learn completely unsurprising (but still hilarious) secrets about life in the bubble, after the jump.

Said staffer has enough of a grudge to convince us s/he's the real thing, though really, anyone who reads this site could fake a convincing portrait of the over-educated Republican true believer type abused and mistreated by the crazed possum-wrangling she-devil that Ms. Harris has become (no offense, Katy! We're still endorsing you!). The fun starts here with a list of reasons why Harris won't ever debate anyone ["She doesn't have enough campaign staff or supporters left to pass out lapel stickers (except for the racist old people)"], then comes to this:

Our dearest KH:
Why in the world did you not have all, and I mean all, the editorial boards on your schedule for meetings this past summer?

Anita Kumar's article in today's St. Pete Times states you said it was because your staff recommended not to meet with editorial boards.


It gets even more fun when an anonymous commenter defends the Congresswoman, at which point "formerKHstaffer" assumes, as any of us would in that situation, that an anonymous blog commenter is, in fact, our next Senator from the great State of Florida herself, Katherine "Kitty" Harris. "Your blog entry is exactly the delusional crazy thoughts you mistakingly have on a minute-by-minute basis that needs to be exposed to the voters of Florida."

After that, someone else claims to have recorded one of Harris' abusive, expletive-laden tirades against her staff, a thought that leaves us positively giddy.

Her career's grave is getting crowded, guys. You gotta dance with who you came with.

Special bonus: Wonkette new BFF Chris Ingram will be on Al Franken at 1. Ingram, former Harris staffer extraordinaire, is funny. So there is almost a conceivable reason to listen to Air America!

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