Katherine Harris: We Won't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

harrisairport.jpgCome on. Guess today's Katherine Harris misstep. No, we don't want to tell you. Just guess it. Because even if your guess is wildly off, it'll still be something she ends up doing. Maybe in a week, maybe tomorrow. Today, it's making up endorsements. The St. Petersburg Times reports that Katy had listed on her campaign website the endorsements of several House members who, well, didn't endorse her. Now they've been taken down, but once you've embarrassed even Ginny Brown-Waite, you're far, far, gone.

Harris, predictably, blamed it on former staffers with a grudge. Staffers who, predictably, had quit by the time the endorsements surfaced on the site.

Meanwhile, "formerKHstaffer," whose authenticity we don't want to confirm, continues entertaining everyone who reads the comments sections of Florida newspaper political blogs:

KH, Have you been drinking again? Do you remember when you proclaimed to the staff: "I am not going to drink until after the election"? Was this another lie?

Also: Kitty has "$200 fingernails," and Florida Republican Party Field Director Rhyan Metzler stops by to comment anonymously in support of the good Congresswoman.

This post has been illustrated with a picture of Harris cutting the ribbon at the new Reagan Airport route at the Sarasota Airport. She cut the ribbon, predictably, before the flight from DC landed.

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