Katherine Harris Wins!

KH2.jpgDid you hear? Katherine Harris won the Republican nomination and is on her way to becoming the next US Senator from the great state of Florida! Here's how the party went down last night:

Harris appeared with her husband and about 100 supporters who watched returns on big-screen TVs and nibbled on a cake with a photo of her on top. After her victory speech, two little children sang a jingle they created for her campaign.

Ok -- a cake with her picture on it? Can someone find us a picture of this cake? Or find out the deal with this song? Because the song sounds pretty great too.

Thankfully, Wonkette Operatives are everywhere -- above, an exclusive picture of Katherine Harris getting out the vote! There are a couple more after the jump, courtesy "Kitty Hunter" (natch).

Harris Easily Claims GOP Nomination [SPTimes]





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