Katrina Detritus: Rush on Broadway (Yes!)

We're taking a break. Someone keep an eye on whatever bone-headed thing Bush does.

MSNBC photojournalist talks about what he "couldn't" air. [CJR]

FEMA's Mike Brown ("Browie" to Bush) gets his face rubbed in it. By girls: Paula Zahn ("Sir, you're not telling me, you're not telling me you just learned that the folks at the convention center didn't have food and water until today did you?"), Soledad O'Brien ("How is it possible that we're getting better intel than you're getting? We had a crew in the air. We were showing live pictures of the people outside of the Convention Center."), and, uhm, Ted Koppel ("We've been reporting on the crisis at the Convention Center for alot longer than just today, but you say that you only heard about it today?").

CurrentTV's videoblog of a citizen rescue. [Current.tv]

Shoot the looters, they say. But who does the shooting? And which looters? [LawDork]

Willing to help disaster victims. No fatties. [Craigslist via TRL]

Is there too much sympathy for the victims, and not enough for the bureaucrats? [Attytood]

Daryn's boyfriend does his part. [WABC]


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