katyharris.jpgRepresentative Katherine Harris, right, not on horseback or in lyrcra, but making with the aging-Florida-Republican-on-aging-Florida-Republican action. (AP)

Watchdogs. Who needs 'em? We're certainly sick of 'em, sticking their noses where they don't belong, bothering our elected officials. Why, just yesterday a bunch of Watchdogs tried to sic the Justice Department on our beloved Katherine Harris -- just for a little quid pro quo!

Common Cause wants to know whether Harris broke the law when she and Mitchell Wade met at an exclusive Georgetown restaurant in early 2005. At that dinner -- which cost Wade up to $2,800 -- Wade offered to hold a fundraiser for Harris and sought her help obtaining $10 million in federal money.

And so what if Katherine Harris requested that money from the appropriations committee a few weeks later? Doesn't prove a thing. There's no proof that the dinner led her to request the money -- it could've been any of several illegal contributions from Wade that convinced her!

But Mitch Wade, man, you're everywhere -- bribing the Duke-stir, "giving" Katy Harris $32,000 of illegal contributions (plus dinner), oh, that's right, and providing representatives with hookers. Of indeterminate gender.

Oh, Representative Harris, how could you have gotten mixed up in such an unsavory crowd? You're but an innocent led astray, and we hope your name is cleared soon, so that you may get back to weird photo-ops. By the way -- Washington Times table, right? Sparkling company, we're sure, but we didn't see you at Bloomberg! You totally coulda been our plus-one!

Common Cause asks feds to investigate Harris [Orlando Sentinal]


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