Kaus: Like a Deer in the Headlights

woooThis is what we get for blacking out over the weekend: Did Mickey Kaus really use Alexandra Kerry's tits as a reason not to vote for her father? We know he doesn't like the guy, but we're pretty sure he likes tits. So that must have been a tough decision for him. Tits or ass, as it were. Others seem to want to see this election as a referendum on Alexandra's rack as well. We think this is unfair, another case of conservatives, er, stacking the deck. In a true democracy, Alexandra's breasts would go up against Jenna and Barb's sets. And in our fantasies, all six go up against the glass.

Next: Dating Johnny Hallyday! [Kausfiles/Slate]

"It's Kerry nice to see ya!" [The Sun UK via Fleshbot]


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