Kay Bailey Hutchison Officially Intends To Kick Rick Perry's Ass


To the surprise of no one, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchisonofficially declared that she would be running for governor of Texas against Rick Perry, who could potentially serve FOURTEEN FRIGGING YEARS as head of that state. The race got off to a colorful unofficial start in late July when Internet sleuths discovered secret gay code words, such as "Rick Perry gay," on the senator's campaign site.

Minor quibble here: why is it that female politicians' campaign branding so often focuses on their first name? Hillary Clinton's massive "HILLARY" signs, Sarah Palin's SarahPAC, and now Kay For Governor ... Are women's last names just too terrifying for Average Voters?

Anyway, Hutchison will lose, due to all the nutbags voting in the GOP primary, and then Rick Perry will commence years 10-14 of his thousand-year rule.

Hutchison kicks off governor’s race, slams Perry [The Hill]


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