Kayleigh McEnany Has Excess Of Lies About 'Excess Capacity' Of COVID-19 Tests


America's COVID-19 testing is a big, steaming pile. The recent spike in cases has outpaced whatever meager expansion efforts the Trump administration has made in the past few months. Wait times are long. Results are delayed. It's a disaster, and we know this for a fact now because Ainsley Earhardt's friends have been personally affected.

The "Fox & Friends" host went off script this morning and actually confronted White House Press Liar Kayleigh McEnany, who had shown up for her usual socially distant foot massage and unchallenged propaganda dump.

EARHARDT: What's the deal on the rapid test? I know some friends that stood in line for a long time. They had to travel from way out on Long Island over to Brooklyn to get in line and get these tests. I know some other people — there are only, like, three clinics on Long Island that are doing this. People who find out maybe someone they were around has tested positive — they want the rapid test to know if they need to go back to work or if they need to quarantine.

Earhardt has experienced a reality that's counter to what Fox News is telling its viewers. She might need a “checkup" from the network's emergency medical team. McEnany quickly responded with reassuring lies.

MCENANY: The rapid tests are available throughout the nation.

More reliable sources than McEnany — like literally anyone — suggest that although COVID-19 testing is readily available, there's a significant backlog in getting results. There's obviously a problem when the turnaround time for test results is equal or greater to the incubation period for the virus.

McEnany claimed the Trump administration has “prioritized" getting the rapid tests to “vulnerable communities" — like the doofuses who interview Trump at the White House and cuddle together while FaceTiming.

MCENANY: We've pushed a lot of this testing [to nursing homes] to protect America's seniors.

She could've stopped there. It's a pleasing lie, and most of Fox's viewers are seniors who'd like to believe Trump gives a damn about them. Earhardt isn't Jonathan Swan. She'd probably forgotten her original question already and they could've moved on to how Barack Obama invented executive orders. But McEnany's been working with Trump too long. She had to take the lie to Icarus heights.

MCENANY: There is even in our testing system as it currently stands excess testing capacity.

That's right. She said “excess testing," as in more than desirable. The nation wished for more COVID-19 tests and our comically inept genie blinked in way too many. We're drowning in tests!

Back in June, the United States did have, according to an article in MIT Technology Review, “more COVID-19 tests than it knows what to do with." However, the government has no nationwide testing strategy, and it's gotten so bad that last week, Democratic and Republican governors from Maryland, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio and Virginia entered into an agreement to purchase three million "rapid point-of-care" coronavirus tests. This is because the Trump administration can't be bothered to come up with a coordinated response more effective and less sociopathic than Jared Kushner's “let the blue states eat COVID" plan.

MCENANY: Some of the tests that do take a few days aren't being fully utilized, so there's excess capacity in the system.

Congratulations, everyone, we have an “excess" of tests we aren't using effectively because this administration is simultaneously incompetent and malevolent. Test results that “take a few days" might work if we were all still under strict quarantine and stay-at-home orders, but Republicans want to send our kids back to school.

We are so fucked even Ainsley Earhardt knows it. That's a problem Baghdad Kayleigh can't just lie away.

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Stephen Robinson

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