Kazakhstan Loves Borat!

 have promised him that he can make penetration with Colombian prostitute ShakiraNot really. But our favorite 'stan has vigorously denied our report that the Kazakhstan government has come crying like a little girl to the White House in hopes that Bush will order the assassination of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen -- who plays the beloved Kazakh media star Borat.

"The meetings have nothing to do with Cohen," Kazakhstan Embassy spokesman Roman Vassilenko reportedly told ABC News. The White House also denies it, but nobody believes anything that comes out of the White House.

Also, ABC's "The Blotter" referred to us as "the oft gossipy Wonkette.com," which is sort of like saying, "the oft overweight Fatty Arbuckle."

Kazakhstan Denies Reports Borat Part of Summit Talks [ABC News 'The Blotter']

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