KE04: A Cast of Thousands

slow down i can only take so many forged documents at time (oh and joe was mad that i used his official photo)So Kerry campaign chief rock star Joe Lockhart was put in touch with the world's most inept document forger by CBS. What? The media had friendly contact with the Kerry campaign? Fuck! Alert the media! Uh, wait. . . Alert the bloggers! Boy, they sure are shocked. But why is it such a big deal that J-Lo spoke to Burkett? Isn't anyone paying attention to the Kerry team? They'll talk to anyone: Bill Clinton, Donna Brazile, that homeless guy who says he used to edit the Washington Monthly. In fact, just about the only person they haven't bothered to talk to is (swear to God, true story) Mom Wonkette, who recently emailed yours truly asking, "Do you know who I could write to at John Kerry's group? Because I have some ideas about the campaign and what issues he should be talking about."

Hey, who doesn't!

And, sure, at first we weren't going to put her in touch. Mostly because we assume the folks at the Kerry campaign are annoyed enough with us as it is without getting mom involved. Oh, and it would be wrong. But then we thought: "Why not? Her record is as good as Shrum's. . . " What's more, Mom Wonkette lives in France. So she's pretty much the platonic ideal of a Kerry advisor. (Minus the penis.) Hey, Joe, we can totally hook you up!

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