KE04: Someone's Been Reading The Art of War or Something.

So the Democratic National Committee has just issued a press release demanding that the Republican National Committee come clean on their involvement with the forged National Guard documents.

We know, we know! It's fucking brilliant! How can we possibly make a joke about this -- and yet we can't stop giggling. It's like a guy staring down the barrel of a gun demanding to see the bullets. It's campaign jujitsu! They're going to confuse Ed Gillespie to death. Right fucking on.

And it's certainly not the KE04 we thought we knew. In fact, it's not the KE04 team the KE04 team thought they knew. One campaign staffer, giddy with delight, emailed to note: "That's a pretty big turnaround from, say, a few weeks ago, when our response would have been to randomly issue a press release on the Federal Reserve Board raising interest rates."

Full release after the jump. Oh, sweet Jesus, we're gonna read it again right now ourselves. . .

UPDATE: We may have spoken too soon. Just received this in our in box:

Statement from Kerry-Edwards Economic Advisor Gene Sperling

Washington, DC - Kerry-Edwards campaign economic advisor Gene Sperling released the following statement today Federal Reserve. . .

And no, we're not going to put the full release after the jump. Why spoil the mystery!

UPDATE: Release is online.

For Immediate Release

September 21, 2004

Contact: Jano Cabrera



Washington, D.C. - In response to false Republican accusations regarding the CBS documents, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe issued this statement:

“In today’s New York Post, Roger Stone, who became associated with political ‘dirty tricks’ while working for Nixon, refused to deny that he was the source the CBS documents.

“Will Ed Gillespie or the White House admit today what they know about Mr. Stone’s relationship with these forged documents? Will they unequivocally rule out Mr. Stone’s involvement? Or for that matter, others with a known history of dirty tricks, such as Karl Rove or Ralph Reed?”

Paid for and authorized by the Democratic National Committee, This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee


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