Kelli Ward's 'Scrubs' Plot As Much About Fantasy Wish Fulfillment As About Lying


For years, conservatives have howled about legions of supposed crisis actors and paid protesters and false flags, screamed from the heavens that no one would disagree with them if they weren't being paid to do so by George Soros. The purpose of this has long been to discredit those who disagree with them, sure. But it also provides the fantasy wish fulfillment for people who would rather believe something patently ridiculous than believe in the existence of people who disagree with them without being paid or otherwise manipulated.

On Friday, Kelli Ward, the ever-kooky chairwoman of the Republican Party of Arizona, tweeted out a suggestion that people wear scrubs to their local ReOpen America rallies in hopes of making their stupid position appear more valid to the media, who will then assume the scrubs people are "heroes" without even checking to make sure they are actually medical workers.

"Planning protest to #ReOpenAmerica?" the meme Ward shared read, "EVERYONE wear scrubs & masks — the media doesn't care if you are really in healthcare or not — it's the "message" that Matters." This was punctuated with several additional hashtags, including #ProblemSolved and #WeAreAllHeroic.

And boy, there's a lot going on there, aside from Ward, an osteopathic doctor herself, hoping to manipulate the media into believing that hospital personnel think it's safe to end social distancing measures.

As much as Ward and those like her disdain expertise, they also thirst for validation from experts like RawStory thirsts for Never Trump Republicans saying, well, literally anything at this point. Nothing would make them happier than for for real live doctors to come out and say Trump was right about hydroxychloroquine — not out of desperation for a cure for COVID-19, but because they want him to get to be right — to be validated — instead of dropping studies on it after determining it was more likely to kill people than to cure them.

Ward has actually been on about this for a while. Last week, prior to tweeting this, she claimed that even if the medical professionals who went viral for keeping the ReOpen America doofuses from blocking hospital entrances were, indeed, actual medical professionals, they were still "actors playing parts." Unlike the very authentic, grassroots, ReOpen America rallies funded by major Republican donors.

Ostensibly, Ward is insinuating that if these medical professionals were acting authentically and of their own volition, they would agree with her and the other jerks who don't care if people die if it means they can get a bang trim. Republicans, of course, have always enjoyed the idea of people dying for their freedoms.

Kelli Ward would, however, die from joy (or COVID-19) it if the ReOpen America protests actually were populated with doctors and nurses in scrubs, lending credibility to what is obviously an incredibly stupid, selfish and irresponsible movement — but since that's not going to happen, why not fake it like they so desperately want to believe the Left is doing? And then, maybe, the media they hate so much would finally see how awesome they are and call them #heroes.

On Monday, the Arizona Democratic Party issued a response to Ward's tweet.

Via Talking Points Memo,

"If anyone's status as a health care professional should be questioned it's Dr. Kelli Ward's, considering her unwillingness to promote the advice of health experts," said Matt Grodsky, spokesman for the party. "Irresponsible, shameful tweets like this do nothing to help people afflicted with the virus or the health care heroes who are working to save lives."

Kelli Ward, of course, does not have any interest in helping "people afflicted with the virus or the health care heroes who are working to save lives." Her responsibility is to her constituents, who want validation more than they want to not die of a communicable disease.

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