Ken Blackwell Could Resist Being Gay If He Had Gay Symptoms, Which He Doesn't


I can and will make it fitThis is Ken Blackwell, the man who STOLE THE 2004 ELECTION FOR GEORGE W. BUSH IN OHIO & AMERICA and is now running for RNC chairman. He just wants to let you know that he's not gay but if he did have the gay "compulsion" he could fight it, and not have sex with dudes, because he's a tuff guy like that. Not that he's ever felt the gay disease before, but if he had felt it, you know... the point here is that Ken Blackwell's a gay!

The Hill comes in clutch:

"You can choose to restrain that compulsion," Blackwell told radio host Michelangelo Signorile, a gay and lesbian advocate, this summer during the Republican National Convention. "And so I think in fact you don't have to give in to the compulsion to be homosexual."

"I've never had to make the choice because I've never had the urge to be other than a heterosexual," Blackwell added, "but if in fact I had the urge to be something else I could have in fact suppressed that urge."

Guess what Ken Blackwell's doing right now? Um like 19 dudes.

Blackwell: Gay 'Compulsion' Can be 'Restrained' [The Hill via TPM Election Central]


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