Ken Buck To Defend Himself This Week For Not Prosecuting Rape


It's generally not a good thing for a candidate's election chances to be accused of raping someone. But is a good thing for a candidate to be accused of not prosecuting some rape cases that maybe should have been? We shall see! That'swhat is happening to Colorado GOP Senate nominee and Birther-hater Ken Buck this week, as part of "three-part series" by the Colorado Independent, an Internet World Wide Web site. First up is a lady who says she was raped but was told by the boy-ranching prosecutor Buck there was not enough evidence this was actual "rape rape" to get a jury to convict. Except lots of lawyer people told this woman her case actually probably would have been successful.

A rape victims’ advocate in Greeley told the Independent that this case seemed to be a turning point for Buck. The Weld County DA’s office “learned a lesson from that case,” Deana Davies said. Davies is coordinator of the Assault Survivors’ Advocacy Program in Greeley. [...]

“The way he handled that victim was unfortunate, but he did learn from that experience.” Davies said that shortly after this case, Buck helped start the SART Program (Sexual Assault Review Team), which includes law officers, victim advocates and others who review cases that may fall into gray areas or look difficult to prosecute.

“I’d heard that as well,” the victim said. “That’s great. I appreciate that. Maybe something good came out of this, but it doesn’t change anything with my case. If he had just called me once and said, ‘I’m sorry, I screwed up,’ then I would have let it go. I would have said ‘I’m good’ and moved on, but that never happened.”

Buck responded by saying the story originally came from a disreputable news source and his district attorney agreed with the decision not to prosecute. So we will have to see how he is forced to respond to these other stories about rapings this week! If they are worse, he will probably have to come up with another excuse, such as, "I was too busy at the Colorado Boys Ranch at the time, ranching boys, like most voters."

And that's how news about rape gets boring but may still have an effect on female voters. We want to see an investigation into that boy ranch. [Colorado Independent/Weigel]


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