A little going-away party was held for Ken Mehlman on the roof of Charlie Palmer's last Tuesday. Liz Glover and Liz Gorman crashed it. Glover's video is above, Gorman's pictures are here.

Ken Mehlman Reception Gallery

Ken Mehlman Reception on the roof of Charlie Palmer's steakhouse.

We were treated to the best views in the city but paid a price - our body weight in perspiration. It was HOT. We have two words for the hosts - AIR CONDITIONING. If your having a party in DC in the summer, we suggest you consider a climate controlled space next time. The poor wait staff were wearing black head to toe and one bartender had the sun beating down on her the entire time. It was inhumane. I mean, it's not Bikram Yoga, people! Even the food was hot - roast beef and pasta bars. We sampled the deserts but were wishing they had a snowcone machine. And an inflatable pool.

As you'll see in the video, those Republicans really know how to have a good time. They partied HARD! It was wild, WILD we tell you.

Ken Mehlman Reception from elizabeth glover and Vimeo.


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