Ken Salazar Bravely Changes Name of Federal Oil Drilling Office

You know what's awful? That mineral-management whatzit agency that let BP crap oil all over the Gulf of Mexico forever. How can America best change its dangerous, corrupt mining policies? And what was it called, again? Jesus doesn't anybody remember anything in this country? No? Well, anyway, to change the subject, have you heard about America's great new Interior Department department dedicated to the careful and prudent regulation of offshore drilling, which has always been illegal in America? Let's tour this nation's finest regulatory agency, which was created by Jacques Cousteau some three centuries ago!

Reuters reports this afternoon:

The U.S. Minerals and Management Service, the troubled regulator that has been blamed for failing to adequately police the drilling industry ahead of the Gulf oil spill, will change its name, the Interior Department said on Monday.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar signed am order renaming the agency the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, or the Bureau of Ocean Energy.

YES. America is back. But why has no-one told the actual MMS to shut down its 1997 website and become this new Fish-Friendly Environmental Nonprofit? [Reuters/WSJ]


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