Kerry: Breaking News from Slate

When we heard that Slate posted an article about that concluded John Kerry is not, in fact, a douche bag, we were really hoping it was one of those neat "Explainer" columns. . . You know: "We've compared the senator to a douche bag we purchased at a drug store around the corner. . . "

But no, it's just Kaus, catching the site's owner in a Kerry-esque case of backpedaling! Go get 'em, Mickey:

    The site's proprietor (Mr. Blevins) doesn't really think Kerry is a "douchebag." He thinks "all of [the d.b. evidence can] be explained as lies, deception, media excess, or simply poor campaigning strategy." If only it were so. ... Blevins is just pretending to have grasped the full gravity of what Democrats are being asked to do in November. ...
Ha! That'll teach people to acknowledge Kerry's faults and try to defend them!

Today's Kerry 'Uh-Oh' Moment [Kausfiles/Slate] [Wonkette]


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