Kerry Dirt

Page Six, clearly on orders to dig as deep as possible for salacious campaign tidbits (and we doff our hat to our betters on this score), tries to smear Kerry with the ancient dirt of campaign surrogate Peter "I was in Peter, Paul and Mary" Yarrow. Something about Yarrow's 1970 conviction for "improper liberties" with a 14-year-old. So what -- he was just "experimenting," you know? We all did it. Speaking of which: Page Six also goes way back into early January for some Kerry gossip (by which we mean, something reported in the Washington Post). Apparently, Yarrow was performing "Puff the Magic Dragon" at a rally in Iowa and "Kerry lifted his fingers to his mouth for a quick toke on an imaginary joint." Quick, call the imaginary drug czar!

Asked for comment on this weeks-old story, a Kerry spokesman said, "Isn't the New York Post supposed to break news, not rehash it?" It's always about the dope with these people, isn't it?

Yarrow's Kerry Puff Daddy [NY Post]

John Kerry's Road to Iowa Merges Into Memory Lane [WashPost]


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