Kerry on Letterman: Some Quick First Impressions

Gee, he totally cracked himself up with that top ten list, no?

More seriously: Dave was actually a tougher interview than Jon Stewart was last month. He grilled Kerry with the kind of obvious but hard questions most people have, most pointedly: "How does anyone go about 'restoring America's reputation in the world'? That seems unlikely." Kerry's initial comeback was better than his answer: "Has he done that much damage?" Dave also grilled Kerry on his claims about his plans for Iraq: "What do you know that we don't?" A personal favorite, noting that Kerry says he doesn't pay attention to polls, Dave wondered, "Does anyone in your organization pay attention to them?" The big joke of the night: In the debate over whether to sit or stand at the debates, Kerry said, "We compromised and now George Bush is going to sit on Dick Cheney's lap." Yuk yuk.

Kerry seemed sincere and passionate. Relatively. He had a pulse.

And no, I'm not drunk.

Maybe a little.

Kerry Does 'Top Ten' on Letterman Show [AP/Yahoo]


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