Kerry Pays for Red Sox Tickets

kerryball.jpgVia the Boston Herald, we learn that John Kerry used more than $3000 in campaign funds to pay for Red Sox tickets last July at a game where he threw out the first pitch. Since you're only supposed to use campaign funds for serious things like bumperstickers, yard signs, family member salaries, and fake grassroots blogging efforts, baseball ticket purchases could be construed as mildly frivolous, if not exactly illegal. Still, we think it's kind of nice that Kerry didn't make his staffers pony up for tickets out of their own pockets. And if he had to pay for a ticket himself, on a day where he threw out the first pitch, well, that's just kind of sad. Lastly, we get to the real scandal here: why didn't Kerry's campaign spend a few grand on a pitching coach? We can't decide if he's trying to throw that baseball, or strangle it.

Kerry's expenses: That's the tickets [Boston Herald]


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