Kerry Slogans Submitted by Readers

There was surprisingly little interest in coming up with new campaign slogans for John Kerry, possibly because, you know, he's winning and he's, you know, boring. We present all entries here.


"Vote Kerry: He Led America To Victory In Vietnam!"

"John Kerry: Pretending To Fight Against Special Interests Since Very Recently"

"Vote Kerry in 2004: Screw the South!"

"If There's A Rich Heiress America Can Marry John Kerry Will Find Her"

"John Kerry: Al Gore But Without The Charisma"

"This Country Needs A JFK, Not A Dubya"

"John Kerry Won't Just Take A Stand On The Tough Issues - He'll Take Two Or Three Of Them"

"Kerry For President: He Barely Even Knew Jane Fonda"

"John Kerry: He's Not Bush"


"57 ways to kick Bush's ass."


"Kerry: He did not. Sleep. With that woman."

"Kerry: They weren't even my medals. The ones that went over the fence, that is."

"Kerry: Not in the pocket of most special interests."


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