Kerry Slogans/Comments on His Johnson

what a dickAt one point, we were soliciting campaign slogan suggestions for Kerry. Then we ran a picture that seemed to indicate an endowment of Yale-like proportions. So now we're confused. Some of these comments are about his apparently magnificent wang, other are just, you know, mean. We just work here.

Allahpundit has the visuals.

Reader P.F.:

Kerry '04 -- The Total Package

Kerry '04 -- One Size Fits All

Kerry '04 -- May Cause Internal Bleeding

Brings new meaning to "JFK's Exit Wounds"

Is That An Exit Poll In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Us?

The Owner's Manual:

I feel your curb.

Pocket pool - custom cue.

Fake left, run right.

Grand Champion , Iowa Cockus

When they asked for size, I thought they said 'byes,' so I said, "So long."

Reader J.M.:

Kerry in 2004 - He may not speak softly, but man does he carry a big stick!

Kerry - He'll rise to the occasion

Dick - it's not just a running mate anymore

Reader J.T.:

Heinz 57... inches!


Now that's what I call a Bonesman.

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