* The President's going to cut and run before everyone else does. [NYT]

* Those reports on viable options for Iraq withdrawal just don't write themselves you know. [WP]

* Nancy Pelosi wraps up loose ends like that final scene in "The Godfather." [WP]

* John Edwards doesn't need money to become president, all he needs is hair product and poor people. [BG, Politico]

* Clarence Thomas: douche bag or fucktard? The debate continues. [NYT]

* A fake showdown is coming over the Libby pardon and some other shit Congress can't do anything about. [The Hill, Politico]

* John Dingell came back from Live Earth with all kinds of crazy ideas about making gas too expensive to buy. [The Hill]

* Mitt Romney is at his best when he's the only one on the ballot. [Politico]

* Fewer Mexicans are arrested at the border now that we've started shooting them. [WT]

* The newspaper people want you to know that Hillary only stayed with Bill so that she could be president too. [LAT, LAT Blogs]

* But John Kerry was just barely relevant in 2004. [USAT]


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