KerryPool: Exciting Edition

Kerry Traveling Pool + NPR = not the snoozefest you'd think:

From: Andrea Seabrook

Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 11:51 AM

To: kerrypool@lists

Subject: [Kerrypool] Pool Report

At 12:00am this morning, at the front desk of the Bellagio hotel, under an iconic Chihuly glass sculpture dripping from the ceiling, Travel Coordinator Extraordinaire Mike McHaney turned 25 years old. It is a happy circumstance that his Ultra-Super-Powers of untangling the knot of press at hotel check-in will not be needed today. What Vegas debauchery befits the passing of a quarter-century marker? Baccarat until dawn? A dip in the musical fountains? Mini-bar raid? Whatever it is, many happy returns, Mike! 




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